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Saturday, May 2, 2015

April 2015 episodes now available


Just a quick note to confirm that the EastEnders episodes for April 2015 are now available on DVD and as an MP4 download.

April was a quiet month for extras so we just have the episodes available.

Monday, April 6, 2015

March 2015 episodes are available - now with subtitles

The EastEnders episodes for March 2015 are now available.  As always we have the episodes available on DVD and as downloadable MP4 files.

For the downloadable episodes, we also have subtitles available for each episode.  If your media player is compatible with SRT subtitle files, you can switch on the the subtitles.

I don't think QuickTime or iTunes will work with the SRT subtitles, but the VLC player and Roku media streamers will work with subtitles.

I hope you enjoy the episodes.

February 2015 episodes marks 30 years of EastEnders!!

As of February 2015, EastEnders has been on the air for 30 years!  That's over 5,000 episodes.

Props to the BBC as they made the 30th anniversary a major event.  They had been running a major whodunnit storyline since April 2014 when one of the main characters was found dead (I won't reveal any more details for the fans who are still watching the older episodes).

The episode on Feb 19th 2015 was the big reveal - we get to see who the killer is.  

As part of the big reveal, they aired a whole week of live episodes.  They did something similar 5 years ago on the 25th anniversary when they killed off one of the popular characters and made another big whodunnit reveal. But this year they took it to another level. 

So for the February episodes, we have lots of extras - behind the scenes footage, interviews with cast members, specials marking the 30th anniversary, etc.

Lots of drama, lots of shocks, lots of episodes.  Enjoy!