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Monday, February 23, 2015

Updates to our MP4 episodes

I wanted to let you know of a few small changes to our EastEnders MP4 episodes.

As you know, our EastEnders episodes in MP4 format can be downloaded to a local device or streamed online.  The episodes will work on a number of devices such as :
  • smartphones (e.g. Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, etc)
  • tablets (e.g. Apple iPad, Android tablets)
  • desktop / laptop computers (including both Windows and Mac)
  • digital video devices (e.g. Apple TV, Roku, etc)
  • video consoles (e.g. XBox, Playstation)

From August 2014, we offered our MP4 episodes in both Standard Definition and High Definition (720p).

Moving forward (August 2014 episodes onwards), the MP4 episodes will be available in HD resolution only.  Since the availability of the HD episodes, we have seen our MP4 customers only access the HD episodes and no one is downloading the SD episodes - everyone is enjoying their favorite guilty pleasure in HD :)  

We try to make the Extras available in HD as much as possible but there may still be some Extras available only in SD.

Also we will be discontinuing our MP4 via mail service (episodes burned to DVD-ROM and mailed to you).  When we first made our episodes available online, we weren't sure if you would want the episodes burned to disc for ease of storage.  But as Internet bandwidth from home/work has been getting better and the online file services are close to 100% uptime, the availability of the online episodes mean you have instant access to the episodes (either streaming or downloading the episodes) and the MP4 episodes on DVD-ROM just didn't make sense anymore.

With all that said, these changes will have no impact on our DVD episodes.  We will continue to offer all episodes from 2003 to current/future episodes on DVD.  Our DVD service is incredibly popular and our EastEnders episodes will be available on DVD for years to come.

Happy viewing


2015 brings our 13th year of episodes!

Doesn't time fly when you're watching EastEnders :)

As we continue to expand our EastEnders episode library, 2015 brings us our 13th year of episodes available on both DVD and MP4 (episodes can be downloaded or watched online).

It goes by so quickly.

In February 2015, EastEnders will be celebrating it's 30th Anniversary!  They've come along way since 1985.

We are in the process our expanding our episode list even further.  In the near future we will have every EastEnders episode ever aired!  We're working hard to make those episodes available to you and I will be posting more details in the not-too-distant future.

Monday, September 22, 2014

MP4 Download episodes available in High Definition!!!!

Hello everyone, I'm excited to let you know that our EastEnders episodes from August 2014 onwards will be available in High Definition (720P). The HD episodes will only be available in MP4 format for downloads. Our DVD episodes will continue to be available in standard definition (SD). The picture quality of the HD episodes is awesome - especially if you are watching the episodes on a large screen TV. Happy viewing, Den